Our wedding photography sets out to capture your wedding the way you want. While we have a style which we would descibe as vibrant, colourful and bold – we are also very flexible and listen to what our bride and grooms really want rather than force our style upon them. We are well aware that every couple is different and when some want significant focus on them and their portraits, others want a more laid back and reportage approach. It’s quite easy and natural for us to adapt to your requirements so that you always feel comfortable.

Why have a professional photographer?

"my friend can take photos..."

white villa wedding photography manor by the lake bride twirl

We know they can. But it doesn’t make them a professional photographer necesarily. We think that our experience and knowledge of weddings is the most important and vital element of what we do – yes even more than our equipment! Without this, there isn’t the ability and foresight to anticipate that special moment – that one, that only happens once. That moment, that will otherwise be lost like tears in rain – forever.

Professional Wedding Photographers

the difference...

Chiaroscuro – “An artistic technique that uses strong tonal contrasts between light and dark to model three-dimensional forms, often to dramatic effect”

This is a form of art, where function meets style and the two cross over. This is a look and feel that captures you and your partner in a romantic and expressive light and still tells the true story of your day and how you to came to arrive at it. This is an archive, a legacy, a document and a record of what happened this day for all to see not only for you but for generations to follow. Wedding photography is about emotion and taking you on an engaging journey of suspense, joy and those heartfelt moments in individual frames of art.


Every Package


- USB with high resolution and low resolution files (back up to your computer or plug in to your tv)
- 8 Hours of coverage from whatever time you choose
- Optional online gallery
- Travel included up to 35 miles radius (we also travel to popular destinations across UK and the world)
- Stunning photography (as standard)

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