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Award Winning Wedding Videography

Our wedding films set out to capture a lasting record of your day in a romantic, timeless and detailed fashion all in exceptional clarity and definition. Using classic film-making techniques and attention to detail we craft wedding films that will stand the test of time and live on for generations to come. ‘Wedding Videography’ or ‘Wedding Cinematography’ has developed into a fine art in itself and far from the service that it used to be not so many years ago.

Below we invite you to take a look at what makes our wedding videography so special with the opportunity to explore more examples of our work…

Why have a wedding video?

is it really worth it...

One of the most heart wrenching things we hear far too often is “I wish I had got it filmed”. For many the value of a wedding film isn’t realised until after the fact when the day is done and unfortuntely it is too late.

Setting aside a budget for your wedding videography might be the smartest thing you do and avoid yourself the regret of not having one or at least not having it done professionally.

Professional Wedding Videography

the difference...

Cinematography – “The art of photography and camera-work in film making”

This is cinematic film-making and why we often refer to it as ‘Wedding Cinematography’. This is a look and feel that puts you inside a film not a mobile phone recording with muffled sound and shaky pictures. This is an archive, a legacy, a document and a record of what happened this day for all to see not only for you but for generations to follow. A wedding film is about emotion and taking you on an engaging journey of suspense, joy and those heartfelt moments only a film can capture.


Upgrade to the highest definition with UHD 4K filming. Choose to have everything captured in 4K resolution and edited into 4K films for your USB for the ultimate image quality. Future-proof your film now! Ask for more details and offers

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Every Package


- USB with HD Films (back up to your computer or plug in to your tv)
- Coverage of at least your arrivals through to first dance
- Travel included up to 35 miles radius (we also travel to popular destinations across UK and the world)
- Stunning filmmaking (as standard)

Find out more...

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More sample films...

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